Board Policy and Procedure Manual

The Board's Policy and Procedure Manual provides the foundation for good governance of the Vancouver Police Department by the Board. It is reviewed annually by the Board's Governance Standing Committee.

Board Manual Table of Contents

Terms of reference

  1. : Board terms of reference
  2. : Board Chair terms of reference
  3. : Charter of expectations and terms of reference for Police Board members
  4. : Chief Constable terms of reference
  5. : Ethics Advisor terms of reference
  6. : Vice-Chair terms of reference

Chapter 1: Board overview

1.1       Legislative authority
1.2       Board Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles
1.3       Independence and Jurisdiction Policy of Police Board
1.4       Composition of Board, Selection and Appointments
1.5       Oath of Office
1.6       Board Governance Style and Commitment
1.7       Delegation to and relations with the Chief Constable
1.8       Confidentiality
1.9       Board Committees, Panels and Liaison Functions
1.10     Annual Board Planning Cycle
1.11     Board Member Orientation
1.12     Per Diem
1.13     Travel and Training
1.14     Memberships
1.15     Board Assessment Process
1.16     Amendments to the Manual

Chapter 2:  Board meetings and procedural rules

2.1       Role of Chair at Board meetings
2.2       Role of Vice-Chair
2.3       Quorum at meetings
2.4       Procedural rules at meetings
2.5       Regular and in camera meetings
2.6       Notice of meetings
2.7       Special meetings
2.8       Agenda
2.9       Delegations
2.10     Opportunity for Questions from the Public
2.11     Meeting schedule and location
2.12     Minutes of meeting
2.13     Community and media information

Chapter 3:  Communications and community outreach

3.1       Consultation and community outreach
3.2       Internal communications
3.3       Police Department submissions to City Council
3.4       City Council

Chapter 4: Human resources

4.1       Employer
4.2       Appointment of Chief Constable and authority
4.3       Interim Chief Constable
4.4       Appointment of Deputy Chief Constables
4.5       Appointment of Special Municipal Constables
4.6       Relationship to City of Vancouver Human Resources
4.7       Collective bargaining
4.8       Exempt employees
4.9       Labour relations
4.10     Employment equity
4.11     Suspension
4.12     Disciplinary action and discharge
4.13     Board Office staff

Chapter 5:  Financial

5.1       Legislative responsibilities
5.2       Budget preparation
5.3       Financial oversight and control
5.4       Finance Standing Committee
5.5       Board Office
5.6       Execution of documents and production
5.7       Donations and sponsorship

Chapter 6: Complaints

6.1       Service and Policy complaints
6.2       Conduct complaints against the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constables
6.3       Conduct complaints against other members of the VPD

Chapter 7: Records management and access to information

7.1       Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
7.2       Public information
7.3       Records management

Chapter 8: Legal

8.1       Legal counsel
8.2       Indemnification
8.3       Applications to Indemnify Members for Legal Costs Pursuant to the Collective Agreement
8.4       Liability

Board Committees

Board Policies

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