Board Standing Committees

The Vancouver Police Board can set up standing committees to assist it in its work. The Board decides the mandate of each standing committee.  Currently the Board has standing committees on Finance, Freedom of Information, Governance and Human Resources and Compensation.

Each year the Board reviews the standing committees' mandates and decides on their membership.  A Board member may be appointed to a standing committee because of their professional or other expertise, or because they are interested in the standing committee's area of work.  Although most standing committees have three members, any Board member can attend any standing committee meeting.

Examples of the kind of work Board standing committees might do include:

  • monitoring specific projects undertaken by the Vancouver Police Department and reporting back to the Board
  • looking at detailed financial reports
  • considering ways for the Board to work more effectively
  • preparing an orientation and training program for Board members
  • providing performance evaluations of Board staff

The standing committees then make recommendations to the Board. Standing committees do not make decisions on behalf of the Board, unless the Board has specifically authorized them to do so.  Formal Board policy regarding its standing committees is set out in the first five appendices of the Board Policy and Procedures Manual.

Board committee minutes are published on this website.  Some sections may be withheld for privacy or security reasons. Sections that have been withheld are marked ***.

Finance Standing Committee

Membership: Frank Chong (Chair), Rachel Roy, Faye Wightman
Meets: At least four times per year
Terms of reference:

Freedom of Information Standing Committee

Membership: Rachel Roy (Chair),  Frank Chong, Patricia Barnes
Meets: As necessary
Terms of reference: Approves the release of information in response to requests made of the Board under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Governance Standing Committee

Membership: Faye Wightman (Chair), Patricia Barnes, Allan Black, Wendy John, Merrilee Robson
Meets: At least four times per year
Terms of reference

Human Resources Standing Committee

Membership: Patricia Barnes (Chair), Allan Black, Merrilee Robson
Meets: At least four times a year
Terms of reference

Service & Policy Complaints Review Standing Committee

Membership: Allan Black (Chair) Plus all Board members
Meets: As needed, immediately following regular meeting
Terms of reference

Committee Meetings