Eligibility, Workload, and Remuneration


The Police Act states that "a person who is a councillor or is ineligible to be elected as a councillor must not be appointed to a municipal police board."

This means that only Canadian citizens aged 18 or over, who have lived in BC for at least six months and have not been disqualified from voting in local elections may be appointed to the Board.

Judges of the provincial court, Supreme Court or Court of Appeal; employees or salaried officers of the City of Vancouver; those under sentence for an indictable offence, in custody or in prison; or those found guilty of an elections offence, are not eligible. 1

Further, Police Services requires that Police Board members either live or work in the municipality, and pass a security check.


The workload of a Vancouver Police Board member includes:

  • Attendance at 8-9 Board Meetings per year [estimated 4-5 hours per meeting]
  • attendance at committee meetings [estimated three to nine hours/month, depending on committee membership]
  • attendance at Service and Policy Complaint Review Committee meetings, held as required [estimated zero to two hours/month]
  • attendance at BC Association of Police Boards annual conference [three days/year, voluntary]
  • attendance at Canadian Association of Police Boards annual conference [four days/year, voluntary]
  • attendance at ongoing Board member orientation and training [estimated two hours/month]
  • attendance at formal VPD events, informal workshops with Council/Parks Board/School Board etc [zero to five hours/month]
  • preparation for Board and committee meetings [estimated five to ten hours/month]

Remuneration and expenses

Board members are volunteers. They are paid a stipend, called a per diem, to cover incidental expenses incurred during their Board duties. Each Board member's total annual remuneration is published by the City of Vancouver.  The Board's per diem policy and rates are reviewed at least every two years by the Board's HR and Compensation Committee.

Board member expenses for travel are paid according to the City of Vancouver's travel policy.

Appointment process

You can find further information about the appointment process from the province’s Police Services Division and Board Resourcing and Development Office.  The Board, municipal government and local community can all submit candidates for Board membership.

If you are a resident of Vancouver and are interested in serving your community as a member of the Vancouver Police Board, you can contact the Board Executive Director for information or you can submit your resumé to the Director of the Police Services Division.

1 Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Womens Services, Candidates Guide: Local elections in British Columbia