The first in our new Meet the Board series on our website, today’s post features Vancouver Police Board (the Board) Director and Finance Committee, Chair Frank Chong. Frank was appointed to the Board in June 2020. You can learn more about Frank’s extensive business, financial and governance background in his bio here.

While police board directors are appointed, it is a volunteer position. The commitment of Board directors – individuals like Frank – to the people of Vancouver is deep. A main criterion for becoming a Board director is a strong tie to the community they serve. Being on the Board requires a significant commitment, and directors take time away from their personal and professional lives to fulfill their roles. Frank has answered some questions about his work with the Board and what made him decide to become a director.

Q: What made you want to be a director on the Vancouver Police Board?

FC: I have always been a firm believer of public safety and the integral role of policing in our communities. As a long-time resident of Vancouver, I know that having a safe city for all citizens and visitors contributes to our collective prosperity. I joined the Vancouver Police Board to give back to the city that I call home, and to help find solutions to challenging public safety and policing issues. I am proud to work alongside such incredible Vancouver Police Board directors and staff.

Q: What do you feel that you bring to the Vancouver Police Board?

FC: I have spent the past twenty years in the financial services sector, learning about and working with complex systems and rules. My career was split between the private and public sectors. In the private sector, I developed my finance and business skills, which is important in understanding how organizations are managed and governed. While in the public sector, I learned the fundamentals in government policymaking, communications and administration. I have been very fortunate in my professional career, and I feel that my experience can be useful in navigating difficult decisions and topics.

Q: What do you wish the people of Vancouver knew about the Vancouver Police Board?

FC: The Vancouver Police Board directors are people who want to contribute in a positive way. We volunteer our time to understand and liaise with various communities and people. Police Board directors put aside their political affiliations, and we make informed, unbiased decisions with the facts available to us. We don’t always agree with each other, but we are always respectful and are committed to working through difficult issues for the betterment of the City. That is always what we are focused on.

Stay tuned for more in this series.

If you are interested in becoming a Board director, you can learn more about the process here.

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