Ongoing Community Engagement Is a Priority

Strong, positive relationships

Ongoing community engagement is a priority for the Vancouver Police Board (the Board) and the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). Strong, positive relationships between those in policing and the diverse communities they serve are essential to understanding the needs of the public, in order to provide effective policing and ensure public safety.

Open and accessible

Board directors are appointed to serve as a link between the community and the police. The Board remains open and accessible to any input or concerns from the public, and ensures transparency and information sharing through its website, social media, reports and statements. Community stakeholder views are incorporated into the Board’s deliberations and decisions and into the development of the Department’s priorities, goals and objectives.

Key programs and initiatives

This section of the website offers information on key programs and initiatives undertaken by the VPD. These programs not only contribute to the well-being of communities throughout the city, but they also build positive relationships with the people of Vancouver. Among other outcomes, the VPD’s community engagement promotes cultural awareness and safety and helps to build trust in the police department. These proactive elements are crucial in addressing and reducing crime in the city.

Vancouver Police Department Community
Vancouver Police Department Diversity

VPD Annual Community Engagement Report

One of the ways that the Board oversees the VPD’s community engagement strategies and community relations is through an annual report, which outlines the multiple programs, initiatives and outreach that the VPD leads or participates in.

Vancouver Police Department Community Outreach Report 2020
VPD Community Engagement Report 2020

Mental Health Initiatives

Vancouver Police Department’s Mental Health Strategy

The VPD uses innovative strategies to better serve people living with mental illness. A collaborative approach with other service providers in the community is essential in building trust and creating positive outcomes with some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.

For more than 40 years, the VPD has partnered with Vancouver Coastal Health to help improve the quality of life for mutual clients living with mental illness, substance use and addiction. By providing a coordinated response, harm to clients and the community is reduced, as is a client’s involvement with the criminal justice system, law enforcement and emergency health services.

The Vancouver Police Department’s Mental Health Strategy outlines a comprehensive approach for a proportional police response to persons living with mental illness.


Project LINK

Project LINK Background Information

Project LINK is an important collaborative initiative between the Vancouver Police Board, the Vancouver Coastal Health Board, and the Providence Health Care Board. It was initiated in October 2011, and its goal is to achieve improved outcomes for those living with mental illness and addiction. A major component of this is enabling the sharing of information across police and health organizations and in working together to reduce negative police contacts.